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Mission and Activities


The wonderful relations of people and RVs give everyone who has an RV pleasure and richness in life.
Japan Recreational Vehicle Association (JRVA) intends to continue developing the RVing culture in Japan.
The origins of the RV culture come from Europe where the RVs are well established.
The culture has already matured and exists in people's daily life. In Japan, we see the RVs trend growing year by year, however, the history is still short, and we consider it at its beginning stages.
JRVA does not consider the current upward trend simply as a temporary event. JRVA intends to develop the new culture that is rooted in Japan, JRVA is developing an environment in which users can enjoy the RVs. These activities are done wit the purpose of developing the market and industry of RVs.

Promotion Activities

JRVA conducts interviews or press releases with the media. In addition, JRVA produces original publication and novelty goods and appeals to everyone to promote the pleasure of the RVing.

→ "Camping Car White Paper", "Kurumatabi", "Sticker for Improvement of RVing manner" are just a few of the examples.


JRVA plans and manages various tradeshows and camping car events nationwide to expose more people to RVs and the pleasures of the RVing.

→ Information of the Events

Improvement of RVing Environment

JRVA creates the environment where RVing can be enjoyed comfortably. We advance the cooperation with various administration agencies, campgrounds, and the outdoor leisure-related industries

→ "Kurumatabi Club," which is a user club established by JRVA, introduced a "You-yu Park" service which allows users to utilize services and parking of member-hotels.

Establishing RV Technical Standards

JRVA continues to develop & establish RV Technical Standards with the purpose of makeing safe and comfortable RVs which meet the standards of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

→ RV Technical Standards Information

Developing of RV Base Vehicle

JRVA exchanges information and technique with the car manufacturer to develop the RV base vehicles.

→ Camper Base Vehicle Information

Introduction of Product Liability

In order to take a higher responsibility for their product, JRVA advises members to take out PL insurance. JRVA also introduces PL insurance provides & assists members with any questions and issues they may have.

"User Support Network" System Development

Japan Camping Car Show

JRVA continues to develop the support system for RV users within the member networks.
This network allows RV users to have peace of mind when they travel throughout Japan.
RV Owners are provided the list & access to the user support network at the time of purchasing an RV.
With this Support Network you can have peace of mind.

Pride of the Emblem

Japan Camping Car Show

This is JRVA emblem which shows reliance.
Please come to the shop with this emblem if you need to consult about RVs.

JRVA Official Sticker's Meaning

Japan Camping Car Show

JRVA Official Stickers are affixed to RVs which are manufactured or sold by JRVA Members.
The owners of such RVs can benefit from various advantages for RVing.