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Continued Year of Growth & Stability

JRVA compiled data on RV industry figures; the Japanese RV market recorded a slight increase in figures of the RVs which was domestically manufactured and shipped compared to the previous year, and the total market sales recorded another successful year of stability and growth.

Our 2017 figures, (Jan. '17 – Dec. '17) indicate that the number of the RVs which was domestically manufactured and shipped amounted to 5,520 vehicles, while the number of the imported RVs amounted to 548 vehicles. These numbers represent a 13.4% increase for domestics and 10.5% growth for imports over the previous year.

The ratio for the total vehicle shipments was 31.8% for Class B, 28.5% for Class C and 35.6% for the light equipped MPVs. The total market sales amount in Japan reached JPY42.5 billion, exceeding the previous year result of JPY36.5 billion by 16.2%.

The number of RVs in the market is currently estimated at about 106,200 units and with a scrap ratio about 0.2% and a healthy second-hand market, we expect this number to continue to grow in the coming years.

These figures represent record numbers for our Japanese RV Industry and we continue to hold a positive outlook for the coming years leading to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.